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Oktozu Main

Oktozu is a brain challenging game that exercises your mental muscle and strengthens your brainpower. Oktozu requires its player to quickly identify the missing color of the falling asteroid pair and destroy the falling asteroid pair with an asteroid of that missing color. This helps to strengthen the brain’s capability to integrate information through filling in the missing parts.

Oktozu is now available for iPhone and iPad
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  • Fun, challenging and great time killer while waiting in queue or travelling.
  • Nice graphics with cute animations.
  • Beautiful music specially composed for this game.

Oktozu Theme © 2015 Li Lin All Rights Reserved

  • Oktozu Theme© is the music sepcially composed for this game. The music was initially written on a 100 year old baby grand piano, and then digitally modified to create the futuristic tone for the Oktozu game. The antique piano was made by Baldwin and has all its original ivory keys. Click on the video below to listen to Oktozu Theme played on the antique piano.